The Calabria Foundation is a nominal fee charity clinic that provides medical, dental, vision, hearing, mental health and prescription medication to the uninsured and under insured regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religious affiliation or ability to pay. Our Community Outreach Team (affectionately called the "Pulpit Team") is our army of volunteers working to spread the word about Calabria. Our three phase service delivery model - our Medical Mission - has three components: Identify, Treat and Prevent. 


"Identify" – Mobile Medical Units


Conceptualized as a doctor’s office on wheels, our Mobile Medical Units are staffed with a licensed physician and nurse who perform various health exams for a $5 fee. Types of exams include Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Level, Height, Weight, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Kidney & Liver Function, Electrolytes, Vision, Hearing, PAP Smears, Breast Exams and more. The results of these tests will be stored in a secure, private, cloud-based electronic medical records system donated by Athena Health. Our pulpit team will reach out to churches, mosques, and synagogues to request insertion of a flyer in each week’s bulletin announcing that the Calabria van will be in their parking lot at a future date for anyone who is interested in a checkup. 

"Treat" – Free Standing Clinics 


If a patient requires additional care after visiting the Mobile Medical Unit, the Foundation’s patient liaisons, known as Success Managers, will coordinate the patient’s transfer to the nearest free or reduced cost clinic (e.g. TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries) for more comprehensive treatment. If no such clinic is readily available and demand warrants, the Foundation will work with local authorities and the Modular Building Institute to construct a “rapid build” facility to accommodate the identified community need.  We also proudly utilize products from Young Living based in Lehi, UT to support the health and wellness of the individuals we serve.


"Prevent" – Remote Patient Monitoring 


Once a patient leaves a free-standing clinic, our Success Managers will work with different vendors to select the appropriate monitoring device for the patient should they so desire. We have identified devices from Medtronic, Philips Healthcare and others that possess the ability to monitor various health parameters. For example, once a predetermined threshold is exceeded (e.g. a spike in blood pressure, a drop in blood sugar, the patient falls and can’t get up) an alarm will be sent to a nurse call center operating 7 days a week. If the patient has an active cell phone or landline, assistance can be dispatched and aid rendered.